Equipment can be further upgraded for even greater stat boosts by socketing in jewels. To do that, you first need to make sockets in your equipment that jewels can be put into. This done through the noisy process the simple and elegant method of beating the equipment with hammers.

Once you have sockets, you need jewels. There are different jewels for each element and for each of the three stats. You can obtain them from missions, digging in the Dig Site and from the Troop Shop. Once socketed into equipment, they confer an additional bonus to a monster of the same element.



Jewels themselves can be leveled-up at the upgrade station in the Troop Hall. This requires a cost of stones and has 75% chance of success. If an upgrade succeeds, the jewel grants even bigger bonuses; but if it fails, the jewel is broken irreparably, with the gems used lost forever.


You can guarantee the success of jewel upgrades though by buying the appropriate number of scrolls from the Troop Shop, and you can speed up the process by bulk-upgrading jewels with the + and - signs on the upgrade screen.

Level Cost Time
Lvl2Fire L2 10 Currency-Stones 2 hours
Lvl3Fire L3 35 Currency-Stones 4 hours
L4 75 Currency-Stones
L5 150 Currency-Stones
L6 250 Currency-Stones
L7 500 Currency-Stones
L8 1000 Currency-Stones

Note: The Jewels used above are Fire Jewels.



Hammers can be bought in the Troop Shop and once you have enough, use them to make a socket by tapping a piece of equipment in your backpack, then tapping the socket you wish to open.


-The Upgrade station has an appearance similar to an alchemy transmuting table.

-Unsocketing jewels from equipment requires a cost of stones.

-Jewels are element-specific. So if you load up your armor with Fire Jewels, but give it to a rock monster, the jewels will confer no benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are frequently asked questions that relate to Upgrade Station and Jewels.

  • Q: Where do you get Crafting Shards?
    • A: Get level 1 Shards from Turtle Falls & Spring Clearing, & level 2 Shards from Rock Ridge and up.
  • Q: Where do I get Mission Items?
    • A: You can get them from Digging at the Dig Site
  • Q: Where do I get Jewels?
    • A: Get them from Digging at the Dig Site and the Troop Shop. Upgrade them in the Troop Hall.
  • Q: Where do I get Plans and Anvils?
    • A: From the Troop Shop.

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