Troop Wars is one of the many Events on Battle Camp. When the War event is announced in the Goal Log, Troop admins select from the scheduled war times and are then auto-matched with an opposing Troop.

During Wars, Troops earn trophies by attacking the opposing team’s Troop Pet. The more damage you do, the more trophies you get. You can also donate Special Monsters to your own pet to restore its health.

When a Troop Pet is defeated, the flag becomes vulnerable. Attacking the flag earns double the trophies.

The Wars ends at the scheduled time and the Troop with the most trophies wins.

There are also unique monsters available in the Events Prize Grab that do bonus damage to Troop Pets. Spin for these to increase your odds of winning and your total trophy count.

How This Event Works

This is the most unique event since there's no Boss and no Event Tokens involved, but involves your Troop Pet instead. In this event, there will be a schedule of wars available, and only admins of your troop are able to register for it. Once registered, you just need to get to the event camp on time. It can be located on the map west of the Troop Hall.

At this camp, there will be your pet, flag, your enemy's pet, and your enemy's flag. The amount of health each pet has depends on the level of your pet. Level 1 will have 1 million HP, level 2 will have 2 million HP, and so on. For this event, 2 trophies will be awarded for each 1,000 damage dealt to your opponent's troop pet, and 4 trophies for each 1,000 damage dealt to your opponent's troop flag. You can also heal your pet before it dies by donating Special Monsters and get trophies for doing so.

Each war in this event will last for one hour and there will be another war for every four hour gap. The winning troop will be the one with the most trophies at the end of the Troop Wars event. Every Troop that participates in the event is ranked on a leaderboard based on the trophies they earned in their wars. Winning a war doubles your Troop’s trophies, while losing gets you a 30% reduction.

Note that since the trophies will be gained immediately after each attack, there will be a chance where you can get energy again and again (from milestone rewards) when your damage is high enough. This is a perfect moment to use boosters and keep on spamming x10 energy, since it will give bonus x11 damage.