• If I make a ranger admin in my troop, can I take that position away later if I want or is it permanent? Can if I'm the creator of my troop, can other admins remove me?

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    • Yes, you can remove adminship later on if you desire to.

      Not sure about whether or not they could remove you though — my admins haven't done that to me — but it wouldn't make sense if they could.

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    • Thanks!

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    • Yes other admins can remove you if you promote them, so be careful and only promote loyal trustworthy people. The system of troop leadership is pretty weird in this game tbh, there needs to be a rank above and beyond admin that has authority over other admins, but that is not so.

      In the second troop I was in there was essentially a coup and one of the admins who was a big spender removed everyone who didn't spend a lot, including the original creator of the troop, renamed the troop and basically took it for his own.

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    • Yikes! That's really low for the late comer to take over the original creator's troop. I totally agree~ Battle Camp needs to implement a special rank for the creators. 

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    • Whoa. Admins can remove Leaders? That's crazy. Good to know.

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    • But, at the same time, makes absolutely no sense that they have the authority to do that.

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    • I agree with the rank above admin is required, but I can also see the logic behind not having it. I have seen in many games where there is a good active troop, but the troop leader goes inactive and the troop then goes to shit.

      Having it this way would probably be a way to get around that obsticle, although I think a better way would be to have "4 Senior admin slots" which can:

      1.) give and remove admin access.

      2.) Kick people from troop

      4.) Add people from troop

      5.) change troop info

      Then the admin level below it which can just

      1.) Add people to troop

      2.) Invite to troop

      3.) Change troop info

      but developing something like that comes at the expense of developing something else. atm there are 100's of troops and it seems that it works most of the time, so its probably best if penny puts effort into developing something else, like an android version.

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    • Pervy, you forgot the "start raid" admin rights ^^

      It would be nice to have something like:

      1/ super admins

      2/ recruit admins

      3/ raid admins

      Based on your scheme. So having n+1 admins having the permisions of n-1 admins.

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    • Yup Izanami, I forgot a few things, but I wasnt writing a system specification :P

      Just a random dribble

      There would also be things like changing the troop name, troop information... blah blah blah

      it seems simple on the surface but lots would need to be considered :P

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    • I know I know ;) but starting raids was one of the major reasons why we put some people admin. At least, when we were still small. Now there's a lot more work. But guess they have other priorities now (android, then FB, ... ).

      Maybe we could work together on a clean layout for this?

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    • Man. I wish they would implement admin ranking...

      Ah well. Takes time.

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