• Me and my friend just did a trade, where I gave him a noseblower in exchange for a swampsting...

    After a while his game inventory updated and the noseblower showed up in his inventory...

    But in my inventory, the noseblower is still there - so now there are two noseblowers, and the Swampsting has disappeared?!

    Anyone else had problems with trading?

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    • Better tell battle camp directly so they'll get it fixed b4 this gets abused...

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    • try closing your app then re-opening it.

      Ive had this happen a couple times to me, and that has always fixed the issue.

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    • I've tried all sorts with that. I've even contacted pennypop but no reply yet, and still 2 noseblowers and no swampsting. any suggestions?

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    • its because  your game isnt updated, change world   

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    • A FANDOM user
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