Most monsters can use special equipment once they reach level 15. There are three different kinds of equipment offering different boosts in battle. Weapons boost Attack, Armor boosts Health and Accessories boost Recovery. Which kind of equipment a monster can use depends on its rarity. The rarer the monster, the more equipment it can have.

You get new equipment by forging it in the Troop Hall. This will require plans for the specific item you want to create and a certain number of can also recive equipment via event reward monsters might have equipment equiped

Plans can be purchased in the Troop Shop and the Crafting Shards can be obtained by battling monsters in Turtle Falls and Spring Clearing.

Equipment can also be upgraded to new, more powerful forms (similar to evolution). This requires new plans, Portable Anvils and Upgrade Shards. Plans and anvils are available in the Troop Shop. Upgrade Shards can be won from monsters in Rocky Ridge, Mt. Magma and Lost Temple.

Once forged, you can add equipment to a monster by tapping the corresponding equipment slot in Management. Equipment also loses durability with each battle and once it’s broken, all stat boosts are halved.

You can repair equipment though for a small cost of stones at the forging station at the Troop Hall.

Equipment Forging Requirements Crafting Time
Attack Shiv

5 Crafting Shards 

1 Shiv Plans

1 Hour
Heath Band

5 Crafting Shards

1 Health Band Plans

1 Hour
Recovery Bauble

5 Crafting Shards

1 Bauble Plans

1 Nour
Attack Claw

10 Upgrade Plans

10 Portable Anvils

1 Attack Shiv

1 Attack Claw Plans

Health Collar

10 Upgrade Plans

10 Portable Anvils

1 Health Band

1 Health Collar Plans

Recovery Trinket

10 Upgrade Plans

10 Portable Anvils

1 Recovery Bauble

1 Recovery Trinket Plans


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-Equipping and unequipping your monsters both require a cost of stones.

-The rare monsters found in Camp and Teepee Hollow can’t use equipment.

-some event monsters that come with equipment equiped cant unequip it

Frequently Asked Questions

These are frequently asked questions that relate to Equipment and Forging.

  • Q: Where do you get Crafting Shards?
    • A: Get Crafting Shards from Turtle Falls & Spring Clearing, & Upgrade Shards from Rock Ridge and up.
  • Q: Where do I get Mission Items?
    • A: You can get them from Digging at the Dig Site
  • Q: Where do I get Jewels?
    • A: Get them from Digging at the Dig Site and the Troop Shop. Upgrade them in the Troop Hall.
  • Q: Where do I get Plans and Anvils?
    • A: From the Troop Shop.