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Hey guys, it's Kamalu, I am currently developing a free website called

It is currently in: BETA v1.0.2

Visit Now

What is is a iPhone and iPod (soon to be iPad and Desktop) compatible website which allows the user to view stats of monsters similarly to the catalogue in the Battle Camp App.

tl;dr, It's a Catalogue of EVERY monster in Battle Camp.

AKA, the pokedex of BattleCamp ;)

News & Updates:


  • Add Epic Monsters
  • Clean up images
  • Complete tabs for zodiacs, passives, abilities, etc.
  • Add iPad and Desktop support


11/4: Major Update:

  • Revamped UI
  • Improved Image mapping
  • Added all Supers & Ultras
  • Cleaned Up Most Images

11/3: Minor Update:

  • Added all Rare monsters
  • Working on Supers.

11/2: Minor Update:

  • Created a redirection for Desktop and iPad users.

11/1: Minor Update:

  • Added about 1/3rd of all rares.

10/31:Minor Update:

  • Started progress on Rares to Epics


Currently ONLY works in Portrait Orientation. 

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