Actives are a very important part of your team and are obtained by monsters of rare rarity and higher.

List of Actives

Note that Elemental is just a certain element chosen by some factor that I'm not sure about, it's usually just the element the monster itself has.

Active name Description
Kamikaze Sacrifice team Health (PVE) or attacker Health (PVP) to deal 70% of attacker's Health in Elemental damage.
Absorb Absorb 40% elemental damage for 2 turns.
Leech Deal 100% Elemental Damage and then heal equal to damage dealt.
Swap Change all Heart gems to an Elemental gem.
Invincible Immune to damage for 1 turn.
Poison Deal 150% of monster's Recovery in Elemental damage per turn for 2 turns.
Surge Deal 200% Elemental Damage.
Heal Heal for 280% of Recovery.
Mirror Reflect 50% of Elemental damage back at attacker.
Burst Deals 50% Elemental damage to every enemy
Shield Resist 30% damage
Pound Deal 200% attack to all enemies and stun rock monsters hit for one turn
Snipe Deal 500% elemental damage to opponent with highest health
Counter Reduce ability damage by 40% and reflect 100% of the damage. Reflected damage cannot exceed 50% of health. Lasts 2 turns and is cast on 2 monsters
Vampire Deal elemental damage equal to 400% attack to the 2 enemies with the highest health and heal for 50% of the damage dealt
Big Heal Heal lowest health monster for 1200% of this monster's recovery. In PvE, heal the player's health bar
Stun Stun all elemental monsters for one turn
Group Heal Heal all monsters for 350% of this monster's recovery
Regen Heal 3 monsters for 150 % of recovery for 3 turns
Blast 250% elemental damage to all enemies